About Our ƹƵs

  • Township High ƹƵ ƹƵ 211 has a long-standing tradition of providing outstanding educational opportunities for its students. Here are just some of the many reasons community members, students, parents, and staff can be proud of their ƹƵ 211 schools.



    ƹƵ Report Cards were developed by the State of Illinois to provide information about academic performance and characteristics of students, faculty, instructional resources, and finances at the school, district, and state level.  Report Cards are prepared by the Illinois State Board of ƹƵ (ISBE) based on data received from and about schools at various points throughout the school year.  According to Illinois ƹƵ Code, ƹƵ Report Cards are to be forwarded to the schools from ISBE and made available by the schools to their publics by October 31 each year.  No information on the Report Card can be modified.

    ƹƵ Report Cards

Aerial View of ƹƵ 211 ƹƵs