ƹƵ Accident Insurance

    As required by the State of Illinois, Township High ƹƵ ƹƵ 211 provides catastrophic accident insurance coverage for student-athletes.   If a ƹƵ 211 athlete is injured during practice or a game, and due to their injury they incur medical expenses in excess of $25,000, medical insurance is provided to cover only the amount exceeding $25,000. 

    It’s important to note that, with only this exception for catastrophic injury, ƹƵ 211 does not carry accident insurance on students. Parents are urged to review their family health insurance plans to determine if they believe it offers adequate protection.

    Should parents feel student accident coverage is necessary, the insurance plans listed below are offered through Zevitz ƹƵ Accident Insurance Services, Inc. However, please note that ƹƵ 211 does not prefer this coverage to any other, and these insurance options are provided only as a convenience for parents. Parents may select the basic or comprehensive plan to meet the combination of coverage and value they desire.

    ƹƵ-Time Only Coverage – ƹƵ-Time Only insurance premium $40.00 (Plan B) or $70.00 (Plan A), covers accidents that occur while participating in supervised school activities, including all school sports, except interscholastic football. It also covers travel when going directly to and from school-sponsored activities.

    24-Hour Coverage – The “Around-the-Clock” insurance has a premium of $125.00 (Plan B) or $272.00 (Plan A). It insures your student 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It provides protection during vacation, weekends, and school days, and traveling anywhere and anytime. It covers participation in all sports, except interscholastic football. Coverage extends through the 2024 summer to the first day of the 2024-2025 school year.

    Optional 24-Hour Dental – Optional Dental insurance has a premium of $15.00. This benefit provides dental benefits for the ƹƵ-Time and 24-Hour coverage.

    Football Insurance – Football Insurance, $95.00 (Plan B) or $185.00 (Plan A) covers accidents that occur while participating in all school-sponsored games, practices, and travel when going directly to and from school-sponsored practice or competition.

    ƹƵ accident insurance enrollment applications are available online through the links below, or at the G.A. McElroy Administration Center, 1750 S. Roselle Road in Palatine, or the guidance and athletic offices at each school. If you would like to receive an application in the mail, please call the ƹƵ 211 Business Office at (847) 755-6649.

    If you have any questions regarding these plans, please contact Helen Miller, Director of Business Services, at (847) 755-6648 or K12 Special Markets, at 1-800-727-7642 ext 6103.