Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Depression is a very common, yet widely overlooked mood disorder that will impact 15–20% of young people before they reach adulthood. It is also a risk factor to suicide. A key component to the healthy development of teenagers is the conscious allowance for social and emotional exploration and learning. To grow in a well-rounded and responsible way, teenagers need to learn how to recognize and manage difficult emotions with coping and problem-solving skills. They need to understand when it is vital to reach out for support when those skills aren't enough to bring back to a state of emotional balance.

    ƹƵ 211 has chosen to implement The Erika's Lighthouse Program: Depression and Suicide Awareness for High ƹƵ ƹƵs to develop depression and suicide awareness among our students.  The Erika's Lighthouse program centers on three primary goals:

    • Raising awareness of depression and its symptoms
    • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues
    • Encouraging the utilization of support services if necessary


    Erika’s Lighthouse has published a parent handbook regarding childhood and teen depression which can be downloaded here.  The handbook is a valuable resource for parents seeking to understand the many issues their children face and will help parents navigate the best responses to specific situations that may arise. 

    Anyone requiring immediate emergency assistance should call 911.  Additional resources for suicide awareness and prevention are provided.



    Crisis and Suicide Hotline

    24 Hour Crisis Line  

    Suicide Hotline  

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    Hospital Treatment Programs

    Alexian Brothers Hospital 

    Northwest Community Hospital  

    Streamwood Behavioral Health Hospital  


    Community Counseling Services

    Catholic Charities

    Jewish Family Services

    Kenneth Young Center

    Lutheran Family Services

    Schaumburg Family Counseling