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    A scholarship offered to every student in Harper's district that would fund up to two years of college.  Under the Harper College Promise Scholarship Program, every student in the district can earn up to two years of tuition if they're willing to do the things in high school that will make them successful in college and in the workplace.  All freshmen enrolling in ƹƵ 211 prior to the start of the 9th-grade year are automatically included in the Promise Scholarship program. Freshmen students who enroll during the first semester of 9th grade will have the opportunity to complete an application between October 15 – and December 15.  Once students are enrolled in the Harper Promise Scholarship program communication will come from a Harper College representative.

    Click  to view Harper College’s website detailing the full set of Promise Scholarship Program information.

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    Out of ƹƵ Waiver for Promise ƹƵs

    If a student resides within the boundaries of the D211, D214, or D220 school district but is outside of the boundaries of Harper College, that student may receive a waiver to be charged in-district tuition if they have earned the Promise Scholarship. The waiver will be given on an annual basis (Fall and Spring semester), and the student must maintain Promise eligibility to receive the waiver for a second year. If the student falls out of Promise eligibility, they would not be eligible for this in-district tuition waiver starting the following Fall.  They would be encouraged to pursue the Program if they wish to remain eligible for In-ƹƵ tuition.